elc international school fee structure

FEE STRUCTURE – Sungai Buloh Campus & Cyberjaya Campus (with effect from September 2017)


1. Admissions Fee RM 8000.00

This fee is a non-refundable payment and is charged per child regardless of the number of siblings seeking entry. This fee is only payable from Year 1 and above.


2. Registration Fee RM 1000.00

This fee is charged per child and covers the costs incurred during the 2 day Entrance Assessment. It is not refundable and is applicable to all levels.


3. Deposit Fee

Parents are required to pay a deposit of one term's fees, per child, at the time of entry to the school. As the student progresses through school, the deposit will be topped up once a year to reflect the student's current level in school. The Deposit Fee is applicable to all levels.

 This deposit is refundable in full one week after the close of the student's final term with the school, provided that,

 ·       not less than six weeks term time (excluding holiday time) notice is given in writing prior to the student's last day in school, and

 ·       all dues to and all claims by the school are settled in full.


4. Basic Term Fee

This fee is charged per child and is a termly cost. 


RM 4,400 – Early Years

RM 4,700 – Reception

RM 5,350 – Year 1

RM 6,000 – Year 2


RM 6,700 – Year 3

RM 7,350 – Year 4

RM 8,000 – Year 5

RM 8,700 – Year 6


RM 10,150 – Year 7

RM 10,550 – Year 8 

RM 12,150 – Year 9 

RM 12,800 – Year 10

RM 13,450 – Year 11

5. Miscellaneous Fees

This fee can vary in amount depending upon the requirements for any one given Year or Term.

Please take note that on the invoice, Miscellaneous Fees will be itemised and they do not generally exceed RM200.00 per term.


6. Re-Admission Fee

For families seeking to,

 ·       return to elc, after a period of absence of not more than 18 months from the last recorded school day in elc, or

 ·       are seeking to transfer to another elc campus

they will be required to pay a re-admission/transfer fee of RM3000.00 per family. This fee is a non-refundable payment.

If the returning family returns after the 18 month period has passed, the returning family will be required to pay the full Admission Fee of RM8000.00 per student.

Please note that transferring to another campus is dependent upon availability of places.


7. Other Costs

This would include the cost of uniforms, text books, exercise books, and organized activities that involve outside instructors/suppliers e.g. Drama, Dance, Tae Kwon Do (GTF), etc. These costs are paid directly to the instructors/suppliers and not to the School unless notified by the School of any change in payment plan.


(a) Students who are admitted to the School in the second half of any term are charged half (1/2) the basic term fee.  No further reduction is given however late into the term the student is admitted.

(b) All fees must be paid by the due date shown on the invoice.  Late payments are subject to a late payment charge of 10% being imposed on the basic term fee.

(c) A full basic term fee will be charged to the eldest child of a family, but a 5% discount on the basic term fee will be given to each subsequent child.  This applies to both the Primary and Secondary Divisions.

(d) The School does not follow the practice of annual fee increases.