elc International school has a green and enriching campus,conducive for a holistic learning experience. Following the founder’s vision, the primary focus of elc is to build closely-knit classes, where each student gets the personal attention that he or she requires to attain their full potential. Above all, we work very hard to provide an environment where values and traditions are of utmost importance, especially in these rapidly changing times. With an all – rounded education and sturdy support, we work tirelessly to transform our students into esteemed and compassionate global citizens.

elc has continuously produced outstanding academic results which is a testament to our core values of excellence, loyalty and commitment. In addition to upholding excellence in academics, we also place equal importance in nurturing and nourishing the mental well-being of our students. We strongly believe having a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular activities is crucial to help our students reach their full potential.

Be it academic, sports or extra-curricular activities, our students have continued to give their best. What makes us proud is just not their achievements in IGCSE exams, Cambridge Checkpoint tests, Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) tournaments, Sports, Music Festival and Maths competitions alone, but also their first-rate, outstanding behaviour. This is what we believe holistic education is all about.

We also provide opportunities for our students to take part in international awards programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh International Award (for secondary students) and eJASS (for primary students). These programmes create opportunities for students to develop skills, get physically active, contribute back to the society through service and experience adventurous journeys. In this journey of self-development, the students find their purpose, passion and place in the world, making them world ready.

Our mantra is ‘work hard, be kind’. We are teaching our students valuable lifelong lessons; we believe the art of being a good friend and a kind human need to be taught as explicitly as Mathematics, History or Science. The utter delight of appreciating and being grateful for simple pleasures in life and taking time to be kind is something that is fast disappearing in today’s ‘grab and go’ society. In the culturally impoverished and technologically saturated world of the contemporary children, values at elc provide a beacon of civility.

We at elc strongly believe it is a culture of kindness that creates this climate of happiness. Nurturing students in a virtuous cycle of kindness, consideration, empathy, gratitude and ultimately, long term happiness in their lives will continue to be our aspiration.

With that, the elc Cyberjaya family extends a warm welcome to all of you and invites you to explore the website that depicts the nourishing environment in which you would want your children to grow and learn. You are also welcome to visit our campus and get in touch with our friendly admissions staff if you require more information.

Ms. Kothai Chidambaram. BBM. CIDTT. MEd.
Principal of Cyberjaya Campus (2019 ~ )

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