Since 1987 the School has been guided by the following Vision and Mission:
To operate a group of international schools which rank among world leaders in the academic and social development of their students.
To achieve this Vision through student and staff passion for Excellence, Loyalty, and Commitment.
  • excellence in everything we do
  • loyalty to each other and the School
  • commitment to continuous improvement
Achieving the goals of elc demands the coordinated efforts of a large number of competent staff, each making individual contributions. These, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, when put together complete the total picture for outstanding delivery. To carry the analogy of jigsaw puzzles one step further, in completing the picture for outstanding delivery, the more relevant question is not which piece of the puzzle is more important, but which piece of the puzzle is missing. If even one member of elc’s staff does not pull their weight, the delivery of the school suffers.
Employees the world over seek career progression, the only difference being that some pursue this goal more aggressively and others more passively. elc is fully committed to satisfying this need, but in doing so is equally committed to linking career progression with evidence of superior output. While the vigour of the chase clearly does matter, it is the merit and evidence that are critical.
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