elc Family Making a Difference

We feel it necessary to highlight the great work being undertaken by an elc parent, Mr. Paul Houston. His family have been championing the home production of face shields for front liners working in hospitals and clinics. Mr. Houston has a small group of volunteers who are working from their homes to cut and assemble these shields, which are then sent on to the frontline workers. Some of these volunteers are parents of students in elc. To date they have completed over 10,000 face shields, however more are urgently required.

Unfortunately, they are currently running out of funds to buy materials to make further face shields. The material supplier has agreed to provide the materials at cost and we need RM4,700 to produce another batch of 10,000. Should you wish to donate or help please contact Ms Evie, at evie.cmh@gmail.com.

Any contribution would be gratefully received regardless of the amount, and please rest assured that all funds will go towards supporting medical staff in hospitals where PPE is desperately needed.

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