elc Y4 Multiply

Y4 Learn Multiplication

To help learn multiplication recently our Year 4 students have been creating these colourful booklets.
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elc Y7 weather

Y7 Weather Report

Students were asked to record the weather in their suburb for a week and then create a video forecasting the weather for the week ahead, based on their findings. So let’s hand over to Zoe with the weather report.
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elc Y9 pen sketch

Y9 Pen Sketch Art

Our budding artists in Year 9 have been creating some great pen sketch work recently.
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elc Y5 Story telling

Y5 Myth & Storytelling Video

Our Year 5 students have been exploring various myths and legends from Greece and around the world, through educational videos and story books. Students were then given time to choose a myth or legend of their choice and be a...
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elc Y8 chromatography

Y8 Chromatography

Despite working online our Year 8 Science students are still able to conduct experiments for lessons. Recently they have discovering how chromatography works. Students did a chromatography experiment at home to separate dyes in markers. Chromatography is a process for...
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Y6 Maps

Y6 Topographic Maps

Year 6 students have been recently learning about topographic maps in Social Science lessons. Here are some examples of their own colourful topographic maps that they created.
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elc Y10 Art

Y10 IGCSE Artwork

Year 10 IGCSE art students have been working on a variety of creative and interesting projects recently. We have some of their artwork to share with you to showcase their work.
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Y2 Writing Skills

Our Year 2 students have been working on their writing skills. In this activity, students were asked to write about how they celebrated Christmas and New Years. Apart from making their writing interesting, they were expected to use prefixes and...
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elc International School Y4 Egypt

Y4 Explores Ancient Egypt

Our Year 4’s have been learning about Ancient Egypt in online lessons. They did their own research on the importance of River Nile to the Egyptians and created graphic info on slides. Well done Year 4!
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