I am delighted to welcome you to the elc International School website. Our school has an excellent reputation for providing outstanding education, and of which I am very proud to be a part. Perhaps it would be useful to take a moment and highlight the following…


elc had humble beginnings, and from which the values and morals of the early days formed the strong foundations we have today.


At elc we focus on providing all round education through sports, arts and leadership activities to equip students with a balance to academic life. This ensures our students develop as well-rounded, confident individuals, with a wide range of abilities. elc has a reputation for developing a strong sense of belonging in students and staff, offering close individual attention to students supported by excellent pastoral care.

We promote a holistic approach where teaching and learning are continually enhanced. Our students are respectful, and engage in levels of excellent behavior. A culture of learning and high performance is embedded across all subjects, with ambitious expectations for all students.


Academic excellence is the central focus at elc, supported by a culture of inclusivity and care. Our goal is to help every student achieve their potential. As we know success in life is not guaranteed by qualifications alone. Our success has been achieved through the persistence and hard work of all our staff, both academic & non-academic, students and parents. The attitude and environment of elc is one which always strives to achieve excellence.

With these exceptional circumstances, together with our core values, guidance, support and enriched curriculum, our students attain the highest levels in external examinations. We are proud of the academic success we achieve year on year.


Come and join us, whether you are a student, teacher or parent, having a closer relationship with the elc family will make you feel a part of something very special.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

“We must remember that intelligence is not enough… Intelligence plus character… That is the goal of EDUCATION.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Mark Jacobson. QGM. M.Ed.
Principal of Sungai Buloh Campus (2019 ~ )

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