elc’s green and lush campus invites your child to a vibrant environment of learning. The elc Family, as we are fondly and like to be addressed, is a close-knit community of students, teachers and parents. Utmost care is taken to ensure that traditional values are never lost in the labyrinth of the 21st century, and to teach students to look above and beyond what social media dictates as norms. We work very hard at nurturing the students to become valued members of this fast-changing world, to contribute both actively and meaningfully to a global community.

In every lesson, we endeavour to create a culture of excellence, where your child knows that the teachers have their best interests at heart. We work diligently to reiterate the need for a sense of leadership, as well as emphasizing team work, to harness every mistake with a lesson learned for improvement. The myriad of activities, clubs, competitions and games help students express their sense of fair-play, generosity of spirit and integrity in their words and actions. The community work starts the students young in appreciating the fact that making a difference in this world sometimes just needs a moment of true kindness, a quiet moment to listen and an understanding of another’s perspective.

Over the past 30 years, elc has produced consistent academic results and made its mark in international school education in Malaysia. As the Head of School however, I am even more proud of the grounded, but versatile students who leave us, shaped in spirit and substance, ready for an exploratory journey in life. They leave us for the next level of education, ready to make informed choices, celebrate differences and have an open mind with a spirit of enquiry.

I warmly welcome you to explore the possibility of joining the elc Family.

Mrs. Sheela Raghu
Principal of Sungai Buloh Campus (2011~)