While at elc:
Nationality Malaysian
Year enrolled 1997
Year left 2006
Any memorable stories you would like to share of your time at elc?
Did elc give you any valuable life lessons that shaped the way you conduct yourself today? elc taught me the importance of working in a team through various activities such as Sports Day, camping trips and group project work. Drama classes and debating built my confidence to speak in front of crowds. Being a prefect also taught me about leadership and responsibility.
Favourite subject, and why Although English Literature wasn’t necessarily my favourite subject, I learnt a lot by taking this subject. English literature was a subject I struggled a lot with as it was very subjective and required very different skills compared to other subjects such as Maths and Physics for example which came more naturally to me. By taking English Lit, I was required to use a different part of my brain and I was challenged in a new way. In hindsight, it wasn’t my best subject, but the experience taught me a lot about how you don’t have to be good at everything.
Give 3 adjectives to describe how you feel about elc Active, Educational, Social
Life after elc:
College/University University of Melbourne
Course studied Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance)
What are you doing now? Regional Commercial Excellence Analyst @ Novo Nordisk South East Asia
Current location Malaysia
If you could go back in time and return to elc, what would you do differently? Perhaps not worry so much about grades and exams as there will be many more exams to come in the future during college and university. You are only in high school once and it’s easy to forget that while you are going through it.
Any advice to the current elc students? Treasure the friendships that you make, try as many different activities as you can and don’t be scared of failure.