While at elc:
Name in full Katherine Ai Kudo
Nationality Venezuelan/Japanese
Year enrolled 1992
Year left 1995
Any memorable stories you would like to share of your time at elc? I have so many happy memories from my time at elc. Back then the school was a much, much smaller establishment in a two storey building. Most classrooms were partitioned by thin walls and you could see and hear into other classrooms. I won’t mention who, but I was recently reminded of being able to overhear when a certain someone got a black mark! We were therefore all mingled together, we all knew each other, and it was great fun.
Did elc give you any valuable life lessons that shaped the way you conduct yourself today? There were many valuable lessons I learnt during my time at elc. Perhaps the most significant was through the privilege of attending a school with students and teachers from all over the world, with such diverse backgrounds and cultures. I believe to be a more open minded and respectful individual and, lead my life with integrity because of the lessons and friendships I built there.
Favourite subject, and why We had a group of fantastic teachers, that prepared us well. Back then History was my favorite subject. I suppose I liked a good story and with English not being my first language Shakespeare was too hard to understand! I loved to read and was particularly fascinated with Russian and Chinese history.
Give 3 adjectives to describe how you feel about elc Grateful, Happy, Warm
Life after elc:
College/University College – International School of The Hague Academy – Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
Course studied College – Bilingual International Baccalaureate Academy – Bachelor of Graphic & Typographic Design
What are you doing now? Today I work part-time at an advertising agency as a senior graphic designer and part-time freelancing under my own business – Kudo Design.
Current location Tauranga, New Zealand
If you could go back in time and return to elc, what would you do differently? I am positive I made a lot of mistakes as an elc 12 – 15 year old student, but given the opportunity, I don’t know that I would do things differently. I think all the experiences, good and bad were learning curves and shaped me to be who I am today.
Any advice to the current elc students? Enjoy your time at school, make lots of friends, treasure them and work hard.