Since its establishment in 1987, elc International School has unwaveringly pursued a single objective: the development of its students into confident and responsible young men and women who attain the highest levels of success academically and in all facets of their lives. Fulfillment of this objective is proven not just by the school’s continuing record of academic excellence, but also in the many other achievements of its students after school.


The three core values of elc International School are embedded in its name — “excellence in everything we do”, “loyalty to each other and the School” and “commitment to continuous improvement”. These values are enhanced by the school motto “Learn to Aspire” and students are encouraged to aspire to succeed in reaching their personal, social and academic potential. A traditional ethos, an environment conducive to learning and character building as well as preparation for the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges of adulthood are essential elements in the school’s approach. However, the school also encourages positive parental involvement as this provides the students with a sense of security which is a foundation for good learning!


While the School follows the English National curriculum, subjects and teaching methods have evolved in keeping with the best practices in Britain and Malaysia, “The school’s ethos is steeped in what we consider to be the best of both British and Asian values and we actively encourage self-discipline, integrity and the pursuit of excellence among the teachers and the students,” notes Mr. Mark Jacobson, Principal at our Sungai Buloh Campus.


The School’s CEO and founder, Mrs. Margaret Kaloo picks up with, “However, whilst we view ourselves as a rather “traditional” school and we are proud of our traditional values, this in no way means our teaching focuses on the teacher being the controller of the learning environment or that the lesson’s content and delivery are considered to be most important and students master knowledge through drill and practice such as rote learning. The development of skills and the nurturing of inquiring attitudes are at the heart of everything we do. We therefore work hard to provide the students with an atmosphere conducive to real learning. We believe that the perfect environment in which to learn will depend less on expensive facilities and much more on the atmosphere we, as teachers cultivate! We are aware that cultivating such an atmosphere involves being aware of what our students are thinking, what their interests are, and what they need in order to accomplish their goals”.


You do not have to spend long at elc to see that there is no doubt that students are subject to high expectations, both in and out of the classroom. The Head of Secondary, Mrs. Chong Soh Nee, emphasizes that “hard work, commitment and perseverance are reinforced, and a firm structured system of nurturing students is provided. Courtesy, concern for others and care for the environment are all also actively encouraged while a firm stand is taken against negative social behavior”. She goes on to stress that, “These values are important to us and are a part of the foundation of the success on which we have painstakingly built.
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