School Objectives

elc school objectives

The objective of elc International School is to develop the foundations which will encourage and enable a multi-racial group of children to,

  • value responsibility, perseverance, self-discipline and impartiality, and
  • seek even higher levels of achievement in all their legitimate undertakings, in particular in academic performance.

elc places great value on creating responsible, well adjusted, committed and caring young people. At elc the students are expected,

  • to take pride in being a member of the elc family.
  • to be polite and well mannered at all times.
  • to show continued respect for the school campus and property by ensuring that no intentional damage is allowed to take place and
  • to care for others and just for themselves.

Students are also required,

  • to adhere to all of Malaysia’s laws including those regarding drug abuse, gang related activities, vandalism, smoking, alcohol, etc,
  • to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the School concerning dress code and behaviour,
  • to be punctual and well prepared with appropriate books and equipment for all classes,
  • to complete and submit all class assignments on time, and
  • to remain on campus grounds during school hours unless given permission to leave by a senior member of staff.

Students who consistently fail to meet the school requirements and expectations may find themselves being asked to withdraw from the School. These expectations and requirements are not open to negotiation.


Parents receive progress reports on their children via Mid-Term Reports and School Report Cards issued at the end of every term via scheduled Parent-Teacher Meetings. The School Report Cards not only show the student’s performance under examination conditions, but are also designed to show the student’s understanding, application, work ethic and general attitude towards each subject throughout the term. Parents are also encouraged to arrange private conferences with respective teachers at any time throughout the academic year.