Welcome to elc. It is truly a great privilege for me to be able to welcome you to our website which I hope you will find useful and informative and which I hope will give you an insight into our school.

It is more than half a century since I arrived in Malaysia as very young teacher so I have been deeply involved in the Malaysian education scene for a very long time. However it was just over 30 years ago that I started elc believing that it was probably only going to be just a brief moment in time as I prepared my two eldest children to get ready to continue their education overseas. I could have had no idea then that all these years later I would be sitting here writing this welcome to all of you.

That said, I am enormously proud of what the School has achieved through the years and as someone who values life-long learning I feel privileged that I am still able to make my contribution towards igniting the enthusiasm, deepening understanding and enhancing learning for all the students in our care. I would describe elc as a rich, diverse and inclusive community built on strong positive relationships and with high aspirations for our students. Whilst every year and each new generation bring fresh challenges, we continue to strive to inspire a passion for learning in our young people that goes beyond the school walls and which we hope will ultimately enrich the society they live in. Working closely with our families wherever and whenever we can, we seek to produce young people who are both resilient and confident and who will not only do us and their families proud, but much more importantly, will emerge proud of themselves.

So we move onwards to build on our past successes and lead the school forward to greater heights. We are very proud of our school and we look forward to sharing that journey with those families that join our community.

Thank you

Margaret A. Kaloo
Founder & CEO

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