From 8th to 10th May 2023, elc International School had its third International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM) verification inspection. This was carried out by a team of three Education Development Trust (EDT) inspectors who spent three days at the school.

The ISQM inspection is framed around the following eight standards:

  • Student progress
  • Personal development
  • Teaching and learning
  • Curriculum
  • Resources
  • Care and support
  • Partnership with parents
  • Leadership

During this verification visit, the inspectors thoroughly examined the work in students’ journals, observed a wide-ranging number of lessons, attended school assemblies, conducted numerous meetings, and reviewed school documentation on students’ progress, health and safety, and safeguarding arrangements.

We are delighted to share that elc International School was judged Outstanding in all eight standards. As a result,we have been awarded the International Schools Quality Mark at the Gold level. Here is an overview of the key strengths identified by the inspectors:

  • elc International School is an outstanding school and provides an outstanding quality of education for students aged three to 16 years.
  • Attainment and progress in all subjects are outstanding across almost all phases of the school. Standards in art are exceptional.
  • Students’ behaviour is exemplary. They enjoy school and show a deep commitment to their studies. They are respectful both towards each other and the adults in the school. They welcome the opportunity to act as leaders.
  • Teaching and learning are outstanding. Teachers set high expectations and provide learning opportunities that allow the students to achieve very high standards. They have a deep understanding of how students learn.
  • The school provides an imaginative and innovative curriculum. It is broad and balanced and includes arrangements for the smooth transfer of students from one phase to the next. It allows them to learn well and helps them to stay safe and healthy.
  • School staff are very experienced and suitably qualified to implement the curriculum. The school environment is attractive and maintained to the highest standard. It provides a range of suitable accommodation and resources that ensures that the demands of the curriculum are fully met.
  • The school provides outstanding care and support for the students. They are well known to the staff and comprehensive arrangements are in place to ensure their safety. There are high levels of collaboration between staff, parents and students. This contributes to students staying safe and achieving very well.
  • Parents have a very detailed and accurate picture of students’ academic progress and personal development. They are kept well informed about changes and developments in the school and play an active role in monitoring the quality of its provision.
  • School leaders and managers are highly successful in ensuring that students make excellent progress and attain very high standards. Leaders serve to inspire staff and students. They know what the school does well and what it needs to improve. They are determined to promote the school’s values and secure further improvements to student outcomes.

You can trust your child to be safe in elc’s hands.

~Kumar Nagappan
Director of Student Welfare

This outstanding rating is a validation of the remarkable work we do every single day. It affirms our commitment to going above and beyond for our students. It is a testament to the passion, dedication, and unwavering spirit that define our school community. Whilst we have been accredited for 5 years, up to 10th May 2028, rest assured we are not resting on our laurels but already planning improvements to be delivered over the next five years.