elc International School is an English medium day school for children aged 3 to 16 years old. Our Sungai Buloh Campus runs classes from Early Years all the way to Year 11, whilst our Cyberjaya Campus starts from Reception and runs to Year 11. The curriculum used in both the Primary and Secondary Divisions is modelled on the National Curriculum from Britain.


To operate a group of international schools which rank among world leaders in the academic and social development of their students.

Mission of the School

To achieve this Vision through student and staff passion for Excellence, Loyalty and Commitment.

  • e xcellence in everything we do
  • l oyalty to each other and the School
  • c ommitment to continuous improvement

Admissions Policy

At elc we provide an environment which is not only conducive to learning and character building, but where students are prepared for the responsibilities, opportunities and challenges of adulthood.


  1. Students and Parents, who are willing to accept and abide by the school ethos and guidelines as set out in the elc Terms & Conditions of Enrolment and the Student & Parent Handbook.
  2. A Student who is likely to meet the School’s standards of commitment, values and academic achievement, subject to the School’s Admissions Policy.

Admission Procedure

  1. A Parent must complete the Application Form available at the school website – www.elc.edu.my
  2. As an official acknowledgement, an email will be sent upon receipt of the Application Form.
  3. A visit to the school campus and a meeting to discuss and clarify the admission process is recommended and encouraged.
  4. An Entrance assessment will be arranged; upon request.
  5. Post assessment feedback will be sent via email between 5 to 7 working days.
  6. Your child may be:
    • offered admission, if he/she passes the assessment successfully and if there is an available space in the appropriate year group
    • placed on the waitlist, if the year group is at full capacity
    • re-assessed, if the first assessment is unsuccessful and should the parent request, for a re-assessment. This will be done approximately 3-6 months after the first entrance assessment.
    • declined, if the educational/English language needs are not met in accordance with the school mainstream setting.
  7. elc believes in allowing every child an opportunity for assessment and enrolment.
  8. The final decision on the enrolment will be approved by the Admissions Selection Committee.
  9. Once the official School Registration documentation is finalised and payments made to secure your child’s place with the School, your child will be enrolled into the school.
  10. Prior to your child starting with elc, a meeting will be arranged between the parents and the CEO, or another senior member of staff as appointed by the CEO.
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