elc Mufti Day

Secondary Mufti Day

Yesterday, our Secondary students were in festive mood for the end of term Mufti Day. All proceeds raised are being donated to Yayasan Sunbeams Home🙂
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Y9 Music

Y9 Songwriting Task

Our Year 9 students recently were given a song writing task for their Music homework. This is Milla’s brilliant song that she recorded.
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elc Crop Circles

Y7-Y8 Crop Circles

This week a strange phenomenon has occurred. Mysterious crop circles have appeared on our sports field 🤔 We think our Year 7 & 8 Maths students are responsible. They must have been planning this for a while to get their...
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elc PA Comp

PA Yearbook Cover Competition

Congratulations to all the winners of our Yearbook cover competition. We finally were able to present our students their prizes this week😀 Many thanks to our Parents Association for generously organising this competition.
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FOBISIA Science Comp Winners

The Education Perfect x FOBISIA Science Championships is complete! We are delighted to report that our students came out on top and won the competition. A brilliant effort by all our students who took part. A total of 846,056 science...
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elc House Legacy

House Legacy Videos

Our school houses have always been an important part of elc. To celebrate this, for Literacy Week we tasked each house to create their own house legacy video. Our students have wonderfully showcased past successes of their house and the...
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elc Interact

Interact Cooking Vlog

To celebrate World Food Day, which occurred recently our Interact Club students took part in a Cooking Vlog Contest. They put together this excellent highlights video to showcase their work.
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elc Remembrance

Remembrance Day

This year for Remembrance Day, our Secondary students began the day with presentations on the significance of this memorial day. It was also great to see everyone making an effort by honouring the tradition of wearing a Remembrance poppy. For...
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elc PR World Cup

ICCO PR World Cup

Congratulations, to former elc student, Victoria Brown, who won Gold at ICCO’s inaugural Next Generation PR Word Cup. Click here to read more. Well done to Victoria for this brilliant achievement👍
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