What are the entry requirements into your school?

  • An age appropriate fluency in English (speaking, reading, writing and comprehension).
  • A positive learning attitude and a desire to contribute to the life of the school.
  • Successful completion of the Entrance Assessment.

In addition:
When a student applies for admission to a particular level, it is assumed that certain basics/foundations are already in place which will allow the student to cope adequately.

One parent is required to converse in English to ensure effective communication between school and home, translators are not provided.

Has COVID19 changed the way teaching is conducted?

Yes. To find out more about how please visit here: Educational Challenges During A Pandemic and here for elc Pandemic Response Plan. New Parents will be briefed on the current details the School’s Pandemic Response Plan as part of their orientation, whilst existing parents are kept up to date with changes and specifics via email and direct communication from the School’s leadership team.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is where education is delivered with a combination of online media, e-classrooms and face-to-face teaching.

What is the age group for enrolment?

A student’s birth date is taken into account as at 31st August of any given year.
Enrolment is between the ages of 3 to 15 years old. The table below refers :

*Please note that Sungai Buloh Campus starts from Reception, however our Cyberjaya Campus only operates from Year 1.

There is no direct admission into Year 11 as the IGCSE programme is a 2 year programme beginning in Year 10 in Term 1. All applicants seeking admissions into Key Stage 4, must enrol at the start of Year 10.

What are the enrolment requirements?


  • Able to converse, read and write in basic English up to preschool level.
  • Able to cope with a basic written assessment.
  • Is toilet trained and out of nappies.
  • Able to have meals on their own and no bottle feeds.
  • Able to settle in a new classroom environment.

Note: The assessment is carried out in the classroom.

Key Stage 1 & 2:

  • Able to converse, read and write in English, age appropriate.
  • Attempt and pass the English & Mathematics written assessment.

Note: Key Stage 1: The assessment is carried out in the classroom.
          Key Stage 2: The assessment is carried out in the Admissions Office.

Key Stage 3 & 4:

  • Able to converse, read and write in English, age appropriate.
  • Attempt and pass the English, Mathematics, Science & Verbal Reasoning written assessment.

Note: The assessment is carried out in the Admissions Office.

What is the scope of the entrance assessment?

There will be 2 full days of testing and activities in the school for all levels. The student must be able to attempt subject test papers based on the age group and level of enrolment. There will be an informal interview with the Principal and Head of Division. The student will be encouraged to participate in as many of the actual classroom sessions as possible. All students attending the 2 day trial period will be assigned a “buddy” to ensure they are not left alone.

Is there a fee for the admission form and entrance test?

No fee is required when submitting the Admission Form or for the 1st Entrance Assessment.

A fee is charged for the 2nd and 3rd Entrance Assessments should parents request for a re-assessment.

How is the assessment outcome communicated to parents?

  • Offer of Enrolment – via telephone and email.
  • Waitlist – via email.
  • Reassessment – via email.
  • Declined – via email.

How many times can a student be allowed to attempt the Entrance Assessment?

Every student will be allowed a maximum of 3 attempts.

Do you have a waitlist?

Yes, it is not uncommon for multiple year groups to have a waiting list.

A student’s name is included in the waitlist upon successful completion of the 2 days Entrance Assessment.

The waiting period may vary from 6 to 18 months.

When is a student enrolled into the school?

Once there is an indication of a withdrawal and a space becomes available.

Enrolment may be offered for either Terms 1, 2 or 3, subject to space availability.

What is the priority order for an admission into your school?

Every effort is made to ensure that the order of waitlist is determined by the application and assessment date, providing the student has successfully passed the assessment.

In the majority of instances, places are offered based on the sequential order of the waiting list. However, there will be instances when sibling admissions can take priority.

What documents are required for enrolment?

  • 4 Passport sized photographs – student
  • Birth Certificate – student [Malaysian]
  • Identification Card – student & parents [Malaysian]
  • Passport – student & parents [non-Malaysian]
  • Most recent report cards – 2 terms or semesters
  • Leaving Certificate / Certificate of Attendance from current school

What is the student demographic?

Students are made up of 30+/- different nationalities.

Where possible, there is an approximate 50/50 gender split ratio in each class.

What if a child requires additional literacy support?

Upon reviewing the child’s academic performance and following a discussion with parents, a child may be recommended to attend additional literacy support offered in school.

The aim is to assist the child to cope with the academic demands of the year group and to bring them up to the required level of English Language proficiency.

Note: However it must be noted that this literacy support must not be confused with learning support that might be required in the case of a student with Special Educational Needs [SEN] or with children who have no English Language at all.

Please note that elc International School does not currently have a Learning Support Unit for students with Special Educational Needs [SEN]. Hence, each application is considered carefully to ensure that we are able to offer an appropriate learning environment to all our students.

Is there a transfer policy within campuses?

Yes – subject to space availability on the campus requested.

A student must be in the current campus for a minimum of 1 year, before a transfer request can be made.

A transfer fee is charged per family.

Do you have a child protection policy?

Yes – to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

It is applicable to all elc employees and students.

How do divorced / separated parents enrol their child?

Admission forms, registration forms and all other paper work pertaining to the child for whom admission is being sought must be completed by the recognised custodial parent that is, as per the court order.

Invoice and report cards will be issued to the custodial parent.

The custodial parent will be held accountable for ensuring that all fees are settled in full, as per the school requirements.

How often do you review your school fees?

The school will make every effort to ensure that the fee structure remains unchanged for a period of 2 academic years.

What methods are available to pay the school fees?

Once an invoice has been issued to parents the options for payment are:

  • online bank transfer
  • cheque
  • credit card / debit card

Apart from academics, are there any extra-curricular activities (ECA’s)?

Students are required to participate in at least 2 activities per week.

All ECA’s are carried out within the normal school times.

What are the demographics of teaching staff?

Every effort is made to ensure a mix of expatriate and local staff so that students can enjoy an international experience. As far as possible we maintain a 60% Malaysian /40% Expatriate split.

How are teachers selected for their positions?

  • Teachers are shortlisted based on their qualification and working experience.
  • Teachers are either screened by recruitment agents or the school will do a background check.
  • Teachers are interviewed by the Principal, HOD and/or CEO.

Who should we contact for more information about enrolment/visit the school?

Admissions Department – SB Campus
603-6156 5001/2

Admissions Department – CJ Campus
603-8319 1641/2

What are the school academic hours & break times?


(1st – morning snack)


(2nd – lunch)


(all levels)

EY & Rc9:20- 10:10am (50mins)12:20-1:00pm (40mins)Monday-Thursday





YR 1 & 210:10-10:40am (30mins)1:00-1:50pm (50mins)
YR 3-69:20-9:50am (30mins)12:20-1:00pm (40mins)
YR 7-1110:10-10:40am (30mins)1:10-1:50pm (40mins)



(1st – morning snack)


(2nd – lunch)


(all levels)

Rc – YR 1110.10–10.45am (35mins)1.15–1.50pm (35mins)Monday-Thursday