CJ Year 11 Exam Results 2019

We are very proud of our CJ Campus 2018/19 Y11s for the fine set of results they have produced in the June 2019 Cambridge IGCSE exams. Overall, 66% of all exam grades were A*/A.

World averages are not released until mid-September. However, based on past years, in most subjects our students have on average achieved 20% more A*/A grades than the rest of the world. Whilst only 5 credits are needed for entry into an A-level college our Y11s have, on average, more than 8 credits. Grades like these do not appear by magic, no matter how intelligent the children may be. These results are testimony to the enduring values of excellence, loyalty and commitment instilled in our students by the dedicated teaching staff under the strong leadership of the founder and CEO, Mrs. Kaloo. There are many international schools with bright and shiny new facilities, but none can match elc’s results over the years.

~ Mr. Chris Patterson, Director of Curriculum & Assessment

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