Year 11 – A tribute to teachers

On March 26th, the Year 11s hosted a Thanksgiving Party for their IGCSE teachers at the concourse/ canteen area from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m. Preparations for the event, however, began two weeks earlier with students making special plans to make the party memorable for their teachers. Food, entertainment, souvenirs, speeches and decorations were discussed and finalised during break and lunch times during these two weeks. An impressive black-and-gold invitation designed by Ivan was sent to the teachers by email.

After much deliberation, the students decided that no entertainment would be big enough for their teachers, and so decided to simply speak from their hearts about each teacher.

On party day, at half-past two, our two Senior Prefects, Fong Zhe and Kriti Jena, escorted the teachers from the staffroom down to the concourse where the teachers made a grand entrance to the accompaniment of thunderous applause as they walked past. Omar Jaka was the emcee for the day and performed his part effectively. The speeches were endearing and heart-warming and hence, truly unforgettable.

No party is complete without food. The tables were set for the teachers in the canteen area where they were served packaged food, a drink and delectable dessert, in strict adherence to the set SOPs. Souvenirs were presented to the teachers as a thanksgiving gift. It was a truly incredible afternoon and one that will forever stay in the hearts of all.

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