Jass Camp 2023

On the 3rd of November, our Gold and Silver JASS awardees embraced the theme of ‘Survival Skills’ as they donned their adventure gear and embarked on a journey to Tadom Hills Resort in Banting right after school. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Oscar, Gold Award Mentor, our Gold awardees engaged in a spirited game of volleyball. Following this, they took on the Blindfolded Person challenge, a game highlighting coordination, communication, delegation, and hand gestures as the blindfolded participant navigated with the help of their teammates.

The adventure continued with Game called Snakes, a trust and team-building activity utilizing non-verbal communication. The day progressed with practical survival skills, including lighting a barbecue using flint, baking bread and sausages, grilling patties for burgers, cutting vegetables, all over an open fire – skills imparted by Mr. Oscar. As evening fell, students bunked down in bamboo huts near the lake.

The following morning commenced with a lively Zumba session on 4th November, welcomed Bronze awardees and breakfast. The groups, led by Mr. Oscar, Mr. Chwala, and Ms. Fiqa, delved into various activities. Mr. Chwala shared insights on how education aids survival and taught students to fill up a kayak with air. Ms. Fiqa instructed students on maintaining balance on a bamboo raft while standing and hitting the bullseye in archery.

Participants enjoyed a range of activities including archery, bamboo rafts, volleyball, ping pong, Lake paddle boards, and Tarzan Splash. After a morning snack, a village tour, and an introduction to bamboo ecology, students explored the bamboo farm and Hakka village, gaining insight into the bamboo-making process.

The adventure continued with bamboo raft races for each group, followed by high board and Tarzan swing experiences, as well as kayaking and rafting. It was a remarkable experience, and the participants eagerly anticipate the next adventure with the next level of the JASS award scheme.

Throughout the camp, students not only learned diverse survival skills through various challenges but also exhibited unwavering energy. Their readiness to face different challenges was a testament to the unforgettable experiences gained during the trip, skills they will carry with them throughout their lives. Special thanks go to Mr. Kumar who worked nights and Mrs. Wahab for her support, ensuring the success of this memorable camp.

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