TLC Plant and Compost Workshop

We were delighted to recently take part in a planting and composting workshop organised by Truly Loving Company (TLC) and the Free Tree Society.

This initiative comes after TLC sponsored the Kelak Gelak Fund, a programme by Free Tree Society to provide fruiting trees and edible plants for orphanages and children’s shelters. The participating beneficiaries were the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Association of JB, the National Stroke Association of Malaysia, Rumah Aman, Shelter Home for Children and Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation – National Centre.

Since its incorporation, TLC has successfully raised almost RM 2 million to support 41 charities. Moving forward, TLC aims to continue developing CSR initiatives that drive positive change for the environment and the community. The company remains committed to building a sustainable future and inspiring others to join in this important mission.

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