Y5-6 STEM Day Trip

On Tuesday, April 2nd 2024, we went on an exciting excursion to the National Science Centre. It was a very fun and fascinating trip, and at the same time educational too. We learnt about lots of different things with fun activities.

We went to the National Science Centre in 3 buses with partners. It was a short 20 minute ride to get there. It was a good ride, with lots of chatting and music blasting. When we reached, we put our belongings aside and sorted ourselves into houses. Now, the fun starts.

First,we went into an aquarium. There were so many species of fishes, and occasionally we had spotted a few sharks! Next was personally my favourite part, the science room. There were lots of stations around the room with fun activities such as tornadoes, lightning, the human body etc.

Soon we reached Nature Valley. There were experiments and activities with natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes etc. Next, the Science Show. They showed us different ways to make air cannons. So fascinating! Last but not least, maths and computing. There were drones and robots, abacuses and blocks. There was everything you can imagine!

Sadly, the excursion had come to an end. We went to Pizza Hut and KFC for a quick lunch. Yum! Then we hopped back on the bus and headed back to school. When we reached back, it was about 3:00 pm so we filed into our classrooms and waited for the school day to end. That was our excursion!

Kiana 5 White

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