elc Y5 Seeds

Magic of the seed

Our Year 5 students have been learning about seed germination in Science lessons. Ramana created this great little time fade video of her seeds growing.
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Secondary Art Display

We have a large range of brilliant artwork currently on display in school. These pieces were recently created by our Secondary students in Year 7, 8 & 9. Year 7 students created Collage and mixed media pieces as well as...
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elc Calendar

New 2021-22 Academic Year Calendar

Our new calendar for next academic year 2021-22 is now online, please click here to view it.
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Y2 Famous People

Year 2 students have been learning about famous inventors recently. They picked an inventor, used their invention, and modified it to create their own invention. They also presented themselves as famous people during their online session.
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elc Y9 Maths

Y9 Maths Circle Theorem

Learning is always fun when it is coupled with hands-on activities. Recently our Year 9 students have been learning Geometry and these are some of their interesting projects which helped them understand the concepts learnt much better.
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elc Y11 Shakes

Lend Me Your Ears

As part of their studies of Shakespeare, our Year 11 students were tasked with creating their own eulogies for Romeo & Juliet in English Literature lessons. We think they did a fantastic job. Hopefully the bard would also have approved...
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elc Y8 Music Blues

Y8 Learn The Blues

Our Year 8 students this term have learning about The Blues in Music lessons with a focus on improvisation. Here they are in action using pianos or app’s like OnlinePianist to perform their pieces.
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elc Y6 Mandarin

Y6 Mandarin E-Cards

Our Year 6 students were asked to create an e-card in Mandarin class to send to their friends.
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elc Y1 Habitats

Y1 Habitat Diorama

Our Year 1 students have been learning about Animals. They have learnt about the animal classification, habitats , basic needs of animals and how plants and animals depend on each other. For their project, students chose a habitat and made...
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