While at elc:
Name in full Johannes Jacobus Kotze (Johan)
Nationality South African
Year enrolled 2008
Year left 2011
Any memorable stories you would like to share of your time at elc? elc gave me some memorable moments throughout the time I studied there. You were always sure to have fun, with many events taking place throughout the academic year. The most memorable moment would be that of winning the Annual Sports Day as the Captain of Yellow House and then the amazing group of friends that later on formed part of a family.
Did elc give you any valuable life lessons that shaped the way you conduct yourself today? My very first year at elc shaped me as an individual, with various challenges that I had to face – from teachers to cultural adaptability. Never be too afraid of the challenge ahead of you; after crushing it, you walk out a better individual.
Favourite subject, and why ICT – from laughter to intense life lessons within the lesson, lessons with Mr. Loo always ensured for very educational sessions. He was not just a teacher, but a mentor.
Give 3 adjectives to describe how you feel about elc Giving, helpful and proud
Life after elc:
College/University Centurion Academy; University of South Africa
Course studied Sport management and science education
What are you doing now? A full-time teacher at a primary school in South Africa and furthering my coaching career in rugby, cricket and athletics.
Current location Pretoria, South Africa
If you could go back in time and return to elc, what would you do differently? A question frequently asked – I always enjoyed my time there and would never have wished to do anything differently. It shaped me to who I am today – no regrets.
Any advice to the current elc students? Use your time wisely. Enjoy every moment, because soon it would only be a memory. Work hard in class, work harder on the field and enjoy what you are doing.