Mr Martyn NARCh Finals California

Our very own Head of PE, Mr Martyn, has been taking part in the NARCh Finals in Anaheim California! With multiple teams and players from Hong Kong, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and both coasts of the USA, the Mens silver division features a variety of hockey styles and systems coming together. With this many teams, it’s difficult to predict who may come on top—and who may get hot at the right time— but the Wheel Hub Asia Fallin’ Stars Black burst onto the scene with an impressive start, winning 9-1 and 7-2. These games have been fast-paced and featured a lot of end-to-end action, making them very entertaining to watch!

The men’s black team went on to win the bronze cup final with a couple of thrilling over time winners.

The men’s white team just missed out on a quarter finals spot but played well throughout the tournament against some tough opposition.

Overall the wheel hub Asia teams represented the apac region very well in all age groups!

We look forward to hearing more of Mr Martyn’s exploits when he returns to school.

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