Y3-4 Social Science Field Trip

This week, Year 3 and Year 4 students visited the Mah Meri cultural and craft village on Carey Island, Selangor, as a part of their end of the year educational trip.

The students had a wonderful day learning about the indigenous Orang Asli culture of Malaysia. ‘Mah Meri’ in native language means ‘the people of the jungle’. The members of the craft village welcomed each student with a woven headband. They also performed a welcome dance for the student and our students joined in enthusiastically. The hand curved wooden masks worn by some of the dancers generated a lot of squeals and giggles!

Over the course of 2 hours, our students observed demonstrations of the art of wood carving, making wearable attire from tree barks and traditional cooking. The students also tried their hands at making leaf prints, soap carving, leaf origami and playing dart games with blowpipes.

It was great to see the students get so excited about the unique culture and the way of life of the Mah Meri people. They were also able to draw similarities and compare with what they have learnt in History about life of the early man.

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