elc Y11 Shakes

Lend Me Your Ears

As part of their studies of Shakespeare, our Year 11 students were tasked with creating their own eulogies for Romeo & Juliet in English Literature lessons. We think they did a fantastic job. Hopefully the bard would also have approved...
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elc Y8 Music Blues

Y8 Learn The Blues

Our Year 8 students this term have learning about The Blues in Music lessons with a focus on improvisation. Here they are in action using pianos or app’s like OnlinePianist to perform their pieces.
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elc Y6 Mandarin

Y6 Mandarin E-Cards

Our Year 6 students were asked to create an e-card in Mandarin class to send to their friends.
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elc Y1 Habitats

Y1 Habitat Diorama

Our Year 1 students have been learning about Animals. They have learnt about the animal classification, habitats , basic needs of animals and how plants and animals depend on each other. For their project, students chose a habitat and made...
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elc Storytelling

Y2 Storytelling Video

Year 2 students have been learning about the elements of reading. They have learnt that they need to read clearly, with expression, pause and understanding of text. For this presentation, the students have either written their own story or read...
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elc Alumni News 2021

Alumni Newsletter

  We are delighted to launch the 4th edition of our annual alumni newsletter, Present Perfect, lovingly curated by the one and only Mrs Chong. It is always a pleasure to hear of our former students’ elc experiences and successes...
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Y6 Science Fiction

Our Year 6 students have been letting their imaginations run wild. They have created their own brilliant original science fiction stories!
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PA AGM Presentation

Our Parents Association (PA) are an important part of the elc community. Yesterday they held their first virtual AGM. Here we share their presentation on the various activities they have undertaken this past year.
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elc e-Learning experiences

Online Learning Experiences

We are very proud of how our students have adapted to e-learning and continued to thrive in the current climate. Here we asked them to share some of their experiences.
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